was launched on May 1, 1995 and with a history of 28 years. Supported by the WMO, is committed to becoming a leading information platform. Its brands and are world oriented medical platforms, which carry the advantage of being accessed daily by people in the medical field from all over the world through the Medicine keyword.

Our Goal

To become a world-class information network and to promote medical education and development for all human benefits.

Our Missions

To create an international, specialized, digital medical information service platform with the latest information, edge-cutting technology and industry-university-research information from the world, to accelerate industry exchanges, training talents, and empowering of the medical industry, and to better contribute to rapid development of the world's medical sciences.

Our Features

1. Applied subjects: Physicians, researchers, students, enterprises, hospitals, scientific institutions, as well as patients and healthy people.

2. High-level practice: A digital software and hardware service platform operated by many high-level medical professionals in the world, and a streamlined and efficient management mode through leading management and digital tools..

3. Frontier technology: Keeping up with the medical frontiers, including the world's new drugs, the world's high-end medical technology, and the latest progress of new technology research.

4. High-level talents: Selecting, gathering, cultivating, rewarding, and financing the world's outstanding figures in medical sciences and technologies.

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Updated: Nov 16, 2023